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SocialRank is the easiest way to understand your Twitter and Instagram audience.

How It All Started

One long weekend in 2012, Alex and Michael built a simple tool called MVF (Most Valuable Follower). MVF indicated "who out of all your Twitter followers was the most valuableā€. We implemented a simple formula that looked at how in-demand each of your followers were and thus how valuable they were to you.

MVF went viral and tens of thousands of people used it in the first week. It was fun. We had no intention of turning it into a business at that time, and a month or two later we shut it down as we started new jobs. Then something interesting happened. Every few months a different brand would reach out and ask us to turn it back on. After talking to a handful of them, we discovered that the majority wanted a tool to help them learn more about the people who followed them on Twitter so they could identify, engage, and track those relationships.

We kept this in mind and once we were ready to start our own company we went back to these brands and found that it was still something they wanted. This led us to bring MVF back, and roll those results into a new product called SocialRank. SocialRank started as a simple tool to help brands find out more information about the people that follow them on social networks, starting with Twitter and Instagram. SocialRank is evolving every day with the goal of helping brands better connect with their followers.

We love hearing from brands. Tweet at us @SocialRank or drop us a line at [email protected].

The Team


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