Work at SocialRank

Help us build the web's Social Graph

What we do

We're building the web's first all-inclusive Social Graph.

Think of it as creating a Graph Search tool, but rather than limit it to a single social network, we've expanded it to include the entire web. SocialRank is building tools that give brands and individuals the power to learn and understand their audience like never before.

As we grow and learn, we focus on making data-driven decisions with a focus on the product. Simplicity is key, and a smooth experience is critical.

How we work

Come happy, leave happy, and learn something new every day.

We believe work should be a learning place where people are happy and productive. Your (and our) happiness is our top priority. In our past experience, we've learned that if you're no longer having fun or learning, it's probably time for your next challenge. When that time comes, we'll help you start your chapter. Alex wrote more about this, here.

We're big fans of the open-source tech community. Our systems are primarily powered by some of the greatest and most popular OSS. We love contributing back to the community by giving feedback, patching, submitting pull requests, and publishing our own tools.

Being a small tight-knit team means we're more than just co-workers. We're friends, and enjoy each others company and opinions.


Keeping a healthy work/life balance is important for our sustainability. Here's some of our favorite perks:

  • Flexible work hours: We don't count your hours
  • Open vacation policy: Take vacations whenever you want or need them
  • Full Medical and Dental Coverage for you and your family
  • Play Call of Duty to let off steam on our Xbox (bonus points if you're really good at Zombie mode)
  • Spend time building side-projects (bonus points for hooking up our Oculus Rift to the Xbox)
  • Build or buy your dream machine setup
  • (Have a cool idea? We'd love to hear)

Opening: Engineer

We're looking for a talented full-stack engineer to join our small team in New York City's Union Square.

Our system is built on cutting-edge technologies delivering an incredibly throughput of sustained data. Our backend consists of constant streams processed by Apache Storm, Kafka, Elasticsearch, and more fun projects, all contained within stateless Docker images, running on CoreOS machines. Our frontend is a Node.js / express server, running React, and the other usual suspects.

To maintain high availability, we spread our servers on multiple cloud providers, multiple regions, and multiple zones.

Like working with multiple languages, learning new frameworks, and open-sourcing your creations? Working as a small team means that your input will shape the entire company. You'll be responsible to produce high-quality code that you're proud of. You'll own the entire code-base: front end, back end, mobile, internal tools, etc.

If you're excited about working with massive amounts of data, solving scale issues using distributed systems, and working in a small team out of our NYC office — apply by sending Michael an email at [email protected].

public class You implements Engineer {
  private enum TechThatExcitesYou {

  private String name;
  private String email;
  private String githubUrl;
  private String twitterHandle;
  private String location;

  public You() { = ""; = "";
    this.githubUrl = "";
    this.twitterHandle = "";
    this.location = "";


  public void apply() {
    throw new ResumeException("Can't find your resume. Drop us a note to [email protected]");

 SocialRank is made for the web. We recommend getting to your computer to have the best experience. If you need to use your phone, please turn horizontal to use.